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There is way too much emphasis today on the FORM of communication - but the more important part of a successful relationship is what is left unsaid. Be less worried about what you explicitly specify - and more on how the vendor interprets what you haven't. Are they on the same wavelength? When you pick a vendor, go with your gut about whether they "got what you said" - it's a decision you will not regret.
Clarity. Transparency. You can't overstate the importance of being able to know, when needed, what is exactly going on with your team. Processes, tracking tools, all help -- but what's way more important is whether your vendor has a habit of proactively letting you know what's going on.
A small outfit will give you way more importance than a larger one - right? Not necessarily. You have to be practical - if you're looking for a 5 person team, a 1000 person outfit is not a likely good fit for you. That said, find an outfit that oozes customer focus. It's easy to tell after a few calls and interactions.
Attention to detail is a habit that pervades an organization - or not. If they didn't pay attention to your RFI, and didn't spend the upfront time with you asking, answering and detailing questions and issues, be prepared to face a very traumatic experience during execution.
How to manage a
product development
If you're looking to throw your project over the wall and expect your partner to execute with little or no supervision, you're likely to be disappointed. Ensure your responses are quick and to the point - even on seemingly trivial issues. A good partner will have the ability to triage, respond and correct.
Don't make your vendor be purely an execution partner. Outsource some of your technical and user interaction challenges to them, especially if you have a little time to solve them. You'd be surprised to see how well it helps the overall project, and deepens understanding.
There is nothing more helpful to enhance the delivery of a project than a visit. Board a plane and spend a week or two with your team - if possible, during the early stages of a project. The most successful relationships we have feature frequent visits from the stakeholders, and we're very glad to accommodate them.
Mistakes happen. But when you find yourself in a situation where mistakes are repeated and you're just hoping against hope that things will improve, its time to cut the cord. Its mind boggling to see a customer stick with a vendor who doesn't perform, simply because it takes too much effort to switch - its a strategy that never works.
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About Razorthink

We're a Bangalore, Atlanta and San Jose-based company that develops software products for our customers. We've been in business for the past two years, and have a satisfied and growing customer base.

Why should we do business with you?

Developing product requires a careful meticulous approach that we have cultivated, and improve every day that we are in business. Combining that with the cost advantage of a team in India gives you the ability to get your product to the market quickly and effectively.

What technologies do you work with?

Most of our back-end and application work is done in Java, and we do a little of server side NodeJS. We also have a strong background in analytics, search and machine learning. As far as client technologies go, we are fairly broad based, ranging from HTML5/CSS3 to IOS/Android-based apps.

What is your typical engagement model?

Our typical model is an extended development center - lasting atleast six months. We work with our customers from the product definition stage through release and support.

How do we get in touch with you?

The easiest way to get in touch with is by email -- send a quick email to sales AT razorthink DOT com.

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Product Development @Razorthink
At Razorthink, we do only one thing
At Razorthink, we do only one thing - develop software products, typically with a high R&D and analytics content. This focus allows us to constantly improve and excel at bringing you high quality, professionally executed deliverables. If you are looking to outsource your product development, here are four reasons why we make an exceptional partner.
First, our people
First, our people. We find talented designers and engineers and train them rigorously. Whether they are fresh out of school or have been around for 20 years, they are mentored, encouraged and pushed to learn.
Second, our processes
Second, our processes. Building software is NOT like building cars on an assembly line - it is about creativity, problem solving and attention to detail. We are strictly an agile shop, and the 1-2 week sprint is what we build
Third, our quality
Third, our quality. We ask ourselves one question every day, how we improve the quality of our deliverables. Whether its planning better, or automating quality control, we place a high premium on quality.
And Fourth, most importantly, is how we treat you
And Fourth, most importantly, is how we treat you. The Customer. If you equated outsourcing with abysmal focus on customers, you're in for a very pleasant surprise.
Go through our site to get a feel for what we've done
Go through our site to get a feel for what we've done. Email us if you feel we could be of help.
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