about razorthink

Razorthink, Inc. is an advanced software development company that is building an augmented brain for business. An artificial intelligence that is specifically designed to help business do business faster, better, and be more insightful.

Razorthink is helping to take this technology from the research lab and low level implementations to a platform that can be used to solve real problems. Our technology can be used to create models that can not only predict business outcomes, but dynamically adapt to underlying structural changes. It can find patterns and anomalies in massive sets of data, and can optimize a business process by solving complex multivariate problems. It can find insights and understanding that humans could find hard to comprehend.

At its core, our technology automates a number of functions including identifying, tuning and refining models that typically require a full time data scientist—enabling the organization to quickly access and analyze far greater volumes of data, with a comprehensive repertoire of models and techniques.

Razorthink’s Augmented Brain is akin to having a data scientist in a box, but is much more. It seamlessly integrates and configures big data deployment platforms, search technologies and knowledge graphs.

The Technology

Razorthink’s technology seeks to fundamentally remove the roadblocks from an organization’s ability to leverage its vast repositories of data—automating the ability to infer schemas, data and relationships, and autonomically build models based on them to be used in predictive and prescriptive use cases.

It deviates fundamentally from other industry efforts to build a brain, in two key respects. First, this is not an attempt to simulate the human brain. What we are attempting to do is to leverage current technology and leading edge innovations to augment your ability to be smarter. Second, our concern is more about the architecture of the intelligence than its wiring of the intelligence.

Some of the core principles that we leverage in building our brain are:

  • Flexible Self-Optimizing Architecture: Instead of focusing on a single paradigm of building intelligence like most of today’s efforts do, we allow the interoperability of several key innovations such as supervised and unsupervised components of deep learning, pattern recognizers similar to sparse distributed representations, narrow intelligence modules that incorporate defined algorithms, and components that allow standardized communication between the modules.
  • The Embedded Turk: Allowing gathering of occasional and high impact human input to direct the learning. Opportunistic intelligence that decides when and what inputs to gather are seamlessly incorporated in the brain.
  • Hypothesis Loops: The brain components are trained to behave in a sample-predict-generate-validate-adapt cycle. Since generate-validate cycles are much faster than predict cycles, this model allows the rapid identification of patterns, as well as a richer learning of underlying patterns.
  • Model Selectors: This is the core of data science automation that is built into the brain. It is a significantly richer platform that simple selection of best fit models—it uses nuances in data to infer model constructs that go beyond standard statistical techniques.

the founders of razorthink


Jack Porter is President and CEO of Razorthink. He is an 8-time Founder, successfully exiting with 6 acquisitions and 2 IPOs. He has over 30 years of experience in technology startups and an extensive background in supercomputers, sophisticated analytics, and advanced mathematics. He has applied his work in several vertical industries including: Technology, Financial Services, and Pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Porter also runs the Startup Accelerator for Razorthink and works with early stage startups on strategy, leadership, product management, development, and financing. He has mentored over a 100 startups, several that went on to become very big successes. His Big Think Conference has become a “must attend” event for Bay Area angel investors.

Mr. Porter is also an avid author and speaker. He has written 8 books on both advanced technology and startups, is a consistent contributor for industry magazines like: CIO Magazine, Information Week, and eWeek, and speaks at many industry conferences.

Nandu Nandakumar

Dr. Nandu Nandakumar is the CTO of Razorthink. He has over 20 years of experience in analytics and artificial intelligence. He holds a PhD from Carnegie Mellon, and has extensive experience in a variety of industries, ranging from Pharmaceuticals to Manufacturing and Oil. He has been the CTO for multiple companies in the analytics space.

Nandu is passionate about melding complex technologies to create elegant solutions. He works closely with a number of startups and early stage companies in an advisory role, specifically in the intelligent systems space.

Vinay Chandra

Vinay is the COO of Razorthink. He is a career entrepreneur having started and run 7 businesses in India, Germany and the US. With over 20 years of experience in running a wide range of businesses from manufacturing to services and technology, he brings his detail-oriented approach to the way Razorthink works.

He holds degrees in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering from Boston University and was part of a research team at the MIT Research Lab for Electronics.

His passion is in people and the outdoors and when not at work, he can be found exploring a new place, hiking an unexplored trail or climbing a remote crag.



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