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The Operating System for AI

Create production ready AI in 80% less time

Learn how you can harness the power of an aiOS today.

RZT aiOS the first Operating System for AI.  
This Operating System fully connects, manages and unifies your AI.

What is RZT aiOS?

RZT aiOS offers all of the benefits of a unified artificial intelligence platform and more, because it's not just a platform — it's a comprehensive Operating System that fully connects, manages and unifies all of your AI initiatives.  And, AI developers now can do in days what used to take them months, because aiOS process management dramatically increases the productivity of AI teams. 

This Operating System offers an intuitive environment for AI development, letting you visually build models, explore data, create processing pipelines, run experiments, and view analytics. What's more is that you can do it all even without advanced software engineering skills.

Our system's AI learning platform manages all of your infrastructure and AI processes in one easy-to-navigate space. 

RZT aiOS lets you build powerful AI applications with code blocks that have already been built and tested. By using the proven components of our unified aiOS, you can build, train, and deploy your applications in a matter of days rather than months.

RZT aiOS serves you
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Data Scientist and Data Engineer
  • aiOS manages the AI infrastructure stack for you
  • Rapid and flexible experiments with complete history and traceability
  • Unparalleled visibility into your AI development processes
  • Baked-in ML, AutoML, Intelligent DL with explainability
  • Highly flexible user configuration maximizes creativity
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AI and IT Operations
  • Monitors and controls all your AI development resources and assets
  • Easy import of your current AI tools and AI models
  • Automatic versioning and data governance
  • Freedom to choose your engine compute and storage host
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Business User
  • Experience fastest speed to market for AI solutions
  • Solve your toughest business challenges now with access to all AI — ML, autoML, and Intelligent DL in one OS
  • Unify AI initiatives across the enterprise
  • Frees your Data Scientists from software engineering
  • Watch your AI productivity soar
The Advantage of an OS for AI

RZT aiOS liberates you from work you’d rather not do
Let RZT aiOS liberate you from the task and process aspects of traditional AI platforms. You can choose to manage the details of coding and infrastructure, or you can let RZT aiOS handle it, freeing you to focus on meeting your AI objectives. You build great AI—let RZT aiOS manage the details for you.

Finally, one unified AI Operating System for the enterprise
RZT aiOS unifies your AI tools and initiatives, enables AI portability, and provides one view of all your AI assets.

The flexibility you demand from an AI Operating System
The SaaS-based RZT aiOS gives you a new level of flexibility to accommodate your AI development creativity and sophistication.

You’re always in control
With the RZT aiOS, the AI professional is always in control. You control what you do, and what RZT aiOS does for you.

Transparency end to end and enterprise-wide
RZT aiOS provides end-to-end transparency of AI development activities and progress, which supports full enterprise-wide AI management.

RZT aiOS comes fully loaded with ML, AutoML, and Intelligent DL
The RZT aiOS has ML, AutoML, and Intelligent DL with explainability, and supports all of your existing AI tools and models.

The RazorThink advantage
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Intelligent Systems and Processes

AI algorithms are baked into the RZT aiOS enabling key processes to be automated.

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Single operating system includes all current and future AI

The RZT aiOS has ML, autoML, and Intelligent DL with explainability, and will support all your existing AI tools and models.

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Easy to use, highly flexible

The RZT aiOS includes an IDE, SDK, and graphical UI that lets you create your models from pre-built components—yours or ours—or create custom code.

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With a single operating system for your entire team, you have end-to-end process visibility and governance.

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Hosting flexibility

RazorThink frees you to independently choose your hosting and engine computing provider to optimize infrastructure costs.

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Preserve your current AI investment

Incorporate all your AI models and tools into a single operating system.

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Scalability of AI development can be achieved

Common shared system and processes improve the work environment.

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Versioning is automated

RZT aiOS keeps track of all of the work you do on the data, and automatically maintains a copy of the original data.

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